Dream to Reality.

SeaSoul & Snow has a highly successful & established online customer base. Each season's collection is designed within the UK by myself. 

After years of working freelance in the Global Events Industry & may I add loving every minute of it, I felt it was time for a change.

I have been lucky enough to travel the world and been made to feel welcome in some of the world’s best & most infamous hotels. I have experienced luxuries through my career that the personal purse would not accommodate.


Sun, Sea & Snow.


As a family we spend most of our summer in our beloved Symi (a remote island in Greece).  We spend our time swimming & snorkelling in the beyond perfect sea. It was here that I decided to change the course of my life…do I really want to work for agencies and remain anonymous…I decided not.

I sat and pondered my options then it all just arrived!  I asked myself-what do I really love (excluding family & friends)…well I love Symi, Greece where I chill out & Les Houches France where I ski!  I wanted my new challenge to be built around these 2 loves!


SeaSoul & Snow is a fusion of everything Winter & Summer and I can’t explain it in clearer detail.  I can however promise you that we won’t sell anything we won’t wear or endorse products we don’t adore.  The core of our drive is using organic free trade materials. Our clothing is 'slow made' but well made & more importantly kind to our world...because there is NO planet B.